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Wow, it's been a while...

I know it's been almost two years since I've posted- or something along those lines- a year & a half or something.
God, the direction our lives can take!
I'm living on St. Simons Island, Georgia now- & I've never been more in my element.
Tons of awesome people & awesome live music- I walk to the beach from my house, ride my bike everywhere, I'm a waitress & I love it & I have a boyfriend who I believe is the one who makes all others wither away in comparison...
All the pain I put myself through from trying to endure bad relationships & save people or be saved...
AHHH! It's over!
Anyway, I've lost touch with many people & I know I never really knew anyone on here very well anyway (except Leslie)- but I guess there was a certain amount of comfort that I found in writing on this thing.
I have been so far removed from technology & computers- but now I think I'm coming around again.
SO many things have happened. I just can't even begin - anywhere really. Just thought I'd say something.
Anyway, guess that's all for now.
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