Julie (julesoul) wrote,

losing thy cool ranting via la oficina

so I freaked out on this man at work today...
it was like an out of body experience.
he pulled the whole "do you know how much money I make?/ do you know who I am?" bullshit.
fuck that.
I didn't know how to contain myself...
I finished off my coffee & threw the cup in the trash with anger while he was talking!
It felt wonderful & then it felt terrible at the same time.
He put me on the phone with his banker & OF COURSE the first thing his banker says to me is "Do you have any idea how much money he makes?"
I say "NOOO, WHY would I know how much money he makes, do I know him? NO, I don't... can you just get me the documents?"
He then proceeds to tell me that this man is an ex tennis pro...
ummm, ok... well I worked with the daughter of Ed McMahon & I still had to get the same thing from him.
I just CANNOT STAND the "I'm so special, bow down to me & recognize who you are dealing with/ the rules don't apply to me" BULLSHIT.
Do I REALLY care if you are an ex tennis pro?
DO you care who I am?
Do you know how much money I make?
After he left, I really couldn't believe how retarded I felt about my reaction.
Maybe I overreacted, in fact, I am almost sure I did.
But some people need to be put in their place, this guy did FOR SURE.
Of course I know, it's probably not good business- but, he was pushing all of my buttons with his arrogance & comments & huge SIGHS & frustration when I try to explain what we needed to approve the deal.
I almost shouted "DON"T mean to put you out here, this is our policy."
He mutters something under his breath to the 2 other gents he was with about a rectal exam & I look at him & say "THAT'S BEAUTIFUL, really."
Anyway- enough.
I'm done.
I must say it was invigorating...
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